Sunday, May 23, 2010

google pac man game - photos


Google Pac-Man Game and 30th Anniversary Revitalize Pac-Man Franchise
Sure, it's a big deal that Pac Man celebrated it's 30th anniversary, but Google's Pac Man game was an instant hit with office workers around the country and ... read more

With Pac-Man, Google inadvertently proves web apps are not the future
Earlier today Google pulled the plug on the Pac-Man game, but by then I had already gotten so frustrated at the limitations of being trapped in a browser ... read more

Google's Pac-Man logo: Friday fun or insanity?
Have you all seen the interactive Pac-Man game, made to look like the Google logo in celebration of the 30th birthday of the video game? Fun, right? ... read more


Pac Man celebrates its 30th
game Pac-Man for Google
A concept for playing pacman
google pacman. 21 May 2010 .
Just Google Pac-Man Shirt
google pacman game
Link to Flash Pacman game
Google Going Pac-Man on All
google pacman

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