Sunday, March 27, 2011

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... woven into your life over the last thirty-odd years. So without further ado, may the Force be with you. Seriously, you had to ask, Luke, didn't you? Welp, you got your answer. This kind of reminds of something that should be on read more

Awkward Family Photos founder seeks partners at SXSW — blog
Mike Bender, the Californian co-founder of Awkward Family Photos, is in town this week for South By Southwest Interactive. If you haven't seen it, AFP is a site full of family pics that capture the most awkward moments of our lives. ... read more

Awkward Family Photos
These pictures showcase how far families will go to display their love for one another, with captions written by the editors of Awkward Family Photos, a website that celebrates when the formal family portrait goes terribly, terribly wrong. ... read more


Guidespot: Awkward Family
me chuckle: Awkward Family
Awkward hand placement.
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Awkward Family Photos
Guidespot: Awkward Family
Awkward Family Photos
Awkward Family Photos is my
Awkward Family Photos Blog
Awkward Family Photos is

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