Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Protein in brain linked to autism
The team from Duke University in North Carolina created autistic mice by mutating the gene which controls production of the protein, Shank3. The animals exhibited social problems, and repetitive behaviour - both classic signs of autism and related ... read more

Two possible reasons Rose wasn't recruited by Duke
Former University of Michigan guard Jalen Rose's “Uncle Tom” comments about the Duke University basketball program are well known at this point. As is Grant Hill's rebuttal. Rose is to be commended for not being involved in the infamous scandal that ... read more

Duke, Ohio State, Kansas Win NCAA Games; Georgetown Loses by 18
Kyrie Irving returned to score 14 points and lead defending national champion Duke University to an 87-45 defeat of Hampton University in the men's college basketball tournament. ... read more


at Duke University and the
Duke University,
Duke University
sensation: Duke University
Registrar, Duke University
Duke University
Duke University Chapel
Duke University photo
Duke University

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