Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Boom time
About 13 million pints of Guinness are expected to be drunk across the globe - five million of them in the UK - while the merriment is likely to carry on over the weekend, particularly with Ireland playing England in the Six Nations rugby. ... read more

For St. Patrick's Day: An Irish Beer FAQ
Do it the Irish way with Harp and Guinness. Put one drop of green food coloring in your glass. Insert beer. Consume. The plastic thing in a Guinness can is a “widget.” When you pop the top of a Guinness Draught, the widget releases a shot of nitrogen, ... read more

Paddy Shennan: Praise be to St Patrick . . . and Guinness
IS tomorrow really a celebration of St Patrick – or more a celebration of Guinness? As we're talking about my namesake and one of the best drinks in the world, I'm not that bothered. But as that debate continues (you ... read more


Happy 250th birthday, Guinness
Guinness; Tapping the
Guinness: April Fool
Guinness draftBy Jolene Thym
Guinness used their fault
Guinness launches its most
Tomorrow: Guinness releases

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