Tuesday, March 8, 2011

paczki day - photos


Kick off 'Fat Tueday' with Paczki Day
This morning we were live at Smurawa's Country Bakery in Pulaski for the annual Paczki Day! There's more than a dozen flavors to pick from at Smurawa's. It's a huge revenue boost for the bakery. Last year, the bakery served up more than 18000 of the ... read more

Pączki Day in Buffalo
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - The Tuesday before Lent means one thing (or a box of a dozen things) to thousands of Western New Yorkers- Its Pączki Day! Pączki are the traditional Polish donuts made from a dough that, unlike regular doughnuts, are made with ... read more

Hundreds of people and thousands of paczki: Krysiak's House Restaurant ...
Andrew Dodson | Booth Mid-MichiganBay City Mayor Christopher Shannon takes a big bite into a paczki Tuesday morning at Krysiak's House Restaurant. BAY CITY — For sweethearts Fred and Bea Wirth, paczki day at ... read more


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thought, happy pączki day!
Paczki Day - Wazny Style Tee
Tuesday / Paczki Day has
What is Paczki Day?
Baltic Bakery @ HollyEats.com
We admit -- were not familiar
Paczki Day is here!
The Paczki-Day celebration in
Paczki Day is here!

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