Friday, March 25, 2011

rainforest - photos


Schwarzenegger And Cameron Head To The Rainforest
Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger excitedly tweeted this week that he was headed to the rainforest for “an adventure” with Cameron; all the while posting pics and some video of their journey. It's a good thing Arnold loves social media – otherwise, ... read more

Hawaii wildfire threatens protected rainforest
The fire threatens a fragile, protected rain forest, officials said. Authorities do not know when they will be able to contain the spreading fire, which was being fanned by strong, gusty trade winds, said Gary Wuchner, a spokesman for the National Park ... read more

Pacific salmon run helps shape Canada's ecosystems
Pacific salmon plays an important role in providing nutrients to part of the world's largest old-growth temperate rainforest, a study has shown. The annual migration sees salmon return to ... read more


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