Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Time for Tapas!!
The word tapas comes from the the Spanish word tapar meaning “to cover.” While it's not completely clear where the tradition of tapas started, there are several explanations. My favorite is that the original tapas were pieces of bread or meat that were ... read more

Tapas recipe: Galician-style octopus
"Pulpo a la Gallago," or Galician-style octopus, is a popular tapas dish served in Spain. Spanish tapas of pulpo a la gallega are chopped, boiled octopus in the Galician style – dressed with sea salt, olive oil, and sweet pimenton. ... read more

Tech tapas: AOL layoffs, HP's Apotheker, secretary Schmidt?, Zuckerberg and ...
• AOL has laid off hundreds of employees worldwide a little more than a month after it announced that it was buying the Huffington Post news site, the latest move in its shifting focus from technology to media. While the exact number of fired employees ... read more


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