Sunday, April 17, 2011

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Arcade Fire's Win Butler Speaks Of His Experience In Haiti
(RTTNews) - Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist Win Butler has opened up about his experience in the devastated island nation of Haiti. In a recent blog post, Butler said the suffering endured by Haitians since the earthquake was like nothing he'd ever ... read more

YouTube streaming live Coachella sets--with no bathroom line
Seen here, Arcade Fire rocked out in front its fans at the desert festival, and before a worldwide online audience. If you're a music fan, but couldn't pull off a trip to Coachella, the massive music festival in the southern California desert, ... read more

All things Jazz Fest: Arcade Fire
If you only see one show at Jazz Fest, it should be Arcade Fire. US ex-pat Win Butler leads this little Canadian band that could, winning the Grammy for Best Album with their 2010 release “The Suburbs.” The group includes his wife RĂ©gine Chassagne and ... read more


like maybe Arcade Fire are
Arcade Fire Debuts Atop Euro
New Arcade Fire Teasers;
Arcade Fire
arcade fire on live oxygen
bringing Arcade Fire and
Download: Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire | Clash Music
The Arcade Fire � Sun On The
Arcade Fire cover versions

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