Monday, April 25, 2011

billy graham - photos


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Billy Graham | God will never abandon you
DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: I'm due to be released from prison in a couple of months, but I'm dreading it because my wife just filed for divorce and says no one in the family wants anything to do with me. I'm so discouraged. I need your prayers. ... read more

Billy Graham's Son Jumps On The Birther Bandwagon
Franklin Graham on This Week, and the right-wing evangelist joined the Birther movement. The host asked Billy Graham's son if the controversy surrounding President Obama's birth certificate bothered him, and the Rev. -- who previously claimed Obama was ... read more


Billy Graham a blind leader
The Next Billy Graham?
Billy Graham
AKA William Franklin Graham,
Billy Graham and the Rise of
Billy Graham
Billy Graham near death again
billy graham
Billy Graham
above Billy Grahams head.

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