Thursday, April 21, 2011

bradley manning - photos


Protesters Interrupt Obama to Sing Support for Bradley Manning
Protesters supporting WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning managed to infiltrate a private fundraiser for President Obama on Thursday morning in San Francisco, interrupting his remarks with a song. As Obama was speaking at the $5000-a-plate ... read more

Protesters at Obama fundraiser: "Free Bradley Manning"
Protesters interrupted President Barack Obama's remarks at a breakfast fundraiser in San Francisco early Thursday, urging the president to “free” Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence specialist accused of releasing hundreds of ... read more

Video: Bradley Manning supporters protest song – disrupt Obama San Francisco ...
Supporters of Pvt. Bradley Manning broke out in song during a speech by President Obama for the alleged mistreatment of the accused Wikileaks informant. As the video below shows, the donors, or protestors, disrupted a breakfast speech by President ... read more


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