Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Today In History
On April 30, 1945, as Russian troops approached his Berlin bunker, Adolf Hitler committed suicide along with his wife of one day, Eva Braun. (Grand Adm. Karl Dönitz became the sole leader of Nazi Germany the next day after the suicide of new Chancellor ... read more

Karmic echo of Adolf & Eva's bunker nuptials haunts William's Big Day
The aspect marks the 66th anniversary of Hitler's wedding to Eva Braun in a marriage lasting barely hours before its climax in the pair's suicide. The same planetary configuration now sits squarely on William's own natal chart - slap bang in the middle ... read more

This Day in History — April 30
1945: Adolf Hitler commits suicide in his Berlin bunker with his new wife, Eva Braun. 1948: The Organisation of American States holds its first meeting, in Bogota, Colombia. 1975: Vietnamese Communist troops take over Saigon, ending Vietnam War. ... read more


eva braun sexuality
Braun is the long-term
Eva Braun
Eva Braun, the wife of Adolf
The Lost Life of Eva Braun
Eva Braun.
Eva Braun, Hitlers longtime
Reincarnation of Eva Braun
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