Thursday, April 21, 2011

heather morris - photos


Heather Morris Shows Off Her Rockin' Body - and Dance Moves
Heather Morris's dance moves landed her a role on Glee (and a Britney Spears number), and now she's showing them off for Esquire magazine. In a hot photo spread (and even hotter video!), Morris, 24, who plays cheerleader Brittany, smashes guitars, ... read more

Heather Morris dances for Every Man
True fans know that Heather Morris' professional career began long before "Glee" since she has not only been dancing for major artists since 2006 but was a featured backup artist throughout Beyonce's "Single Ladies" performances. ... read more

'Glee' Is Back: How Did Heather Morris Spend Her Break?
Think of it as an appetizer, if you will, featuring the one and only Heather Morris (aka Brittany S. Pierce) and her roommate/ fellow actress/ filmmaking partner Ashley Lendzion. In their spare time, the two ladies have been hard at work on their own ... read more


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