Sunday, April 3, 2011

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Google doodle celebrates the Ice Cream Sundae
The ice cream sundae, no less. Yes, you read correctly, Google is marking the 119th anniversary of the invention of this chilled dessert with sprinkles aplenty. There is some controversy about exactly who invented the first ice cream sundae, ... read more

Ke$ha for Nickelodeon 'Victorious' spot
The 'Blow' singer will star as herself and perform the new single on an episode entitled 'Ice Cream For Ke$ha', scheduled to air on April 22. The storyline will see the show's stars competing in a contest to ... read more

HAZMAT contains gas leak at ice cream factory
An ammonia gas leak forced the evacuation of a Salem ice cream factory late Thursday. The incident at Deluxe Ice Cream Company Inc. on State Street was reported just before midnight. The gas was contained to a building, which was evacuated, ... read more


Ice cream - Ice cream picture
We All Scream for Ice Cream!
Ice Cream Franchise | Free
FREE Ice Cream at Walmart
One Million Dollar Ice Cream
when it comes to ice cream
Ice Cream

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