Wednesday, April 20, 2011

jerome corsi - photos


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President Obama's "True Identity": Okay, He's Really a Fat, Old Filipino Midget
So Drudge has now taken to posting book publisher releases on devout Obama hater Jerome Corsi's future wobbly desk balancer in the name of aggregated journalism. Fascinating. Since the myths surrounding President Obama's true American citizenship have ... read more

What if the Birthers are right?
But with the coming release on May 17 of Jerome Corsi's “Where's the Birth Certificate”continued questions will either be answered or remain inconclusive. However, no matter what the media says about the issue, people are curious as Corsi's book hit ... read more


against Dr. Jerome Corsis
Jerome Corsi, a controversial
May 4 With Jerome Corsi
Dr. Jerome Corsi received a
Jerome Corsi, Pamela Geller,
Jerome Corsi, #1 New York
Jerome Corsi, author of The
Jerome Corsi,
Dr. Jerome Corsi received a
Jerome Corsi, the right-wing

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