Wednesday, April 6, 2011

long island serial killer - photos


Long Island serial killer? Police return to location of 8 bodies
Police suspect a serial killer but so far have no suspects. According to CBS affiliate WCBS, police searching on foot and from above in helicopters and fire truck buckets found the latest three sets of remains as they scoured tick-infested underbrush ... read more

The Long Island Serial Killer Strikes Again (PHOTOS)
In Long Island, investigators now have their hands full with a serial killer. Eight bodies have been found along a remote Long Island beach area in the past year. On Monday, police found three more sets of remains. Police discovered the bodies while ... read more

Police find more victims of suspected Long Island serial killer
By BNO News SUFFOLK COUNTY, NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) -- Three more victims of a suspected serial killer were found along a remote beach in Long Island, New York on Monday, raising the number of suspected victims to at least 8. The first victims were found ... read more


A suspected serial killer
Pet Cemetery: Long Island
multitude of Long Island
Long Island, New York and Los
a Long Island cop,
Long Island serial killer
a local serial killer \x26lt;a
York beach; Serial killer
Long Island serial killers

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