Tuesday, April 19, 2011

optical illusions - photos


Arthritis Pain Relief With the Brain's and Body's Own Powers
An optical illusion that harnesses the power of suggestion might one day deliver drug-free pain relief to arthritis sufferers, British researchers say. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory pills and physical therapy ... read more

Pain relief – it is just an illusion
Arthritis Research UK said a simple optical illusion that can halve pain without the need for drugs has "a lot of potential". The charity's medical director Professor Alan Silman said: "Although this research is in the very early stages and further ... read more

The Best Optical Illusion in Baseball
It is one of the great optical illusions in baseball. "He's not an overpowering velocity guy," Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen said. "But hitters seem to think that he is." Young, who will make his Mets debut Tuesday against the Philadelphia Phillies, ... read more


Old and Young Optical Illusion
3D Optical Illusions
The Jesus Optical Illusion
Optical Illusions
optical illusion,
Page -- Optical Illusions
New Optical Illusion
Optical Illusions I Created
in this optical illusion
Johnny Depp Optical Illusion

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