Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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LensCrafters To Bachmann: Don't Use Our Name Against Planned Parenthood
On Monday, in a speech in Iowa, Bachmann declared: "The executive director of Planned Parenthood in Illinois said they want to become the LensCrafters of big abortion in Illinois." (As CNN points out, Planned Parenthood Illinois CEO Steve Trombley ... read more

Black sponsors resolution to defund Planned Parenthood
Diane Black, R-Gallatin, introduced her first piece of legislation Tuesday, HConRes36, which would defund Planned Parenthood in the continuing resolution spending bill, which cuts $38 billion for the remaining six months of the fiscal year 2011. ... read more

'Parenthood' review: Haddie and sex, Amber and drugs, Crosby and his sad house
Last night's Parenthood had some of the best parent-child interactions I've seen on TV in a while. Certainly the entire Haddie-has-sex, Adam-and-Kristina-react plot line was one that must have reverberated throughout many households. ... read more


NBC premiered Parenthood,
Parenthood, sometimes can
Parenthood Season 2 Episode 19
�Parenthood� bequeath bring
Parenthood Season 1 Episode 7
Planned Parenthoods
Parent Hood TV Show Cast
Picture of Parenthood
parenthood 1

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