Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Quill to seek second mayoral term in Auburn
By Scott Rapp / The Post-Standard Auburn Mayor Michael Quill today made his re-election plans official by announcing that he is going to seek a second four-year term in the fall. The Democrat's decision to run again sets up a return mayoral contest ... read more

Cardinal Quill: The Bullying Conundrum
Take it from someone like me; I'm just a victim of bullying like everyone else. I tried to hide it, telling my parents that it will “blow over soon” or “it's nothing” when I've been lying to myself. It's not going to end; it never will. ... read more

Take "The Quill" Along
Boni Huston, daughter of Rex and Teresa Huston of La Harpe, took "The Quill' along to South Padre Island in January. She is wading in the Gulf of Mexico holding "The Quill". Boni flew to Texas with Aunt Debbie Hunt to visit grandpa and grandma, ... read more


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