Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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'Bethenny Ever After' Finale: Bethenny Frankel Decides to Sell Skinnygirl ...
Bethenny Frankel made a big decision on the season finale of Bethenny Every After… last night. The busy reality mom debuted the Skinnygirl brand in 2009, and now she has decided to sell it. On last night's finale, Bethenny sat down with her hubby and ... read more

Bethenny Frankel on her break between filming seasons
HollywoodNews.com: Bethenny Frankel's reality show, 'Bethenny Ever After,' came to an end last night and now the reality TV star is enjoying the break between filming. Frankel will start filming Season 3 in July, but is happy to be able to be away from ... read more

My Love Hate Relationship with Bethenny Ever After
Old Bethenny is back, if only for a second. Sidebar: Why is Bethenny a chef that never cooks? They order in every meal. She has a gourmet kitchen, but ordering in. Don't chef love to cook? I imagine she does not know how unless she has a cookbook and ... read more


Bethenny with Bryn (Photo
Bethenny Ever After Season
Bethenny Ever After
Bethenny Ever After Starring
Bethenny Ever After
Bethenny Ever After
Bethenny Ever After - Jason
Bethenny Ever After Season 2
IHJZ Bethenny Ever After
Bethenny Ever After

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