Wednesday, May 4, 2011

bigfoot - photos


Sasquatch! reveals 2011 schedule
Kicking off the festivities are New York's post-hardcore rockers, Rival Schools, who will stomp about the Bigfoot stage come Friday at four o' clock sharp. From there, festivalgoers have it easy, with the only real conflict being Against Me! and Bob ... read more

WHERE BIGFOOT MEETS JAVA Highway 2's Espresso Chalet keeps the blues away
CLICK TO ENLARGE A huge (like in 12 foot tall) carved wooden Bigfoot statue that stands tall at the Espresso Chalet in Index. Chronicle photo. CLICK TO ENLARGE This chainsaw carved wooden sculpture is called Little Foot (a baby Bigfoot) and sits right ... read more

For many Russians, UFO and Bigfoot equally realistic
For example, 43 percent of Americans attend religious ceremonies every week, but this does not prevent 38 percent of the US adults from believing in the existence of aliens, 33 percent believing in Bigfoot, and 37 percent - in ghosts. ... read more


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