Friday, May 20, 2011

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Ready for a zombie attack? CDC offers advice
Dave Daigle, CDC spokesman and self-described Zombie Task Force member, said the idea for the campaign arose during a brainstorming session on how to interest Americans in the agency's annual campaign on hurricane preparedness. ... read more

More American Women Opting for Home Birth
Lead study author, Marian MacDorman of the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics speculated, “I think there's more of a natural birth subculture going on with white women — an interest in a low-intervention birth in a familiar setting. ... read more

Local Museum displays smallpox relic, confiscated by CDC
Nick Radonic, an electrical engineer from Derwood, MD, contacted the Center for Disease Control (CDC) after reading a review of the exhibit in The Washington Post. He expressed concern that, should the smallpox sample become exposed, which the VHS ... read more


CDC issues Swine Flu Alerts
CDC changes anthrax vaccine
CDC Fear Gonorrhea Developing
CDC Creates Seasonal Flu
to be stuck on the mos cdc
and CDC
CDC and the Rollins School of
CDC reports 28 Flu Deaths
CDC Timeline - Morgellons

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