Monday, May 9, 2011

cicada - photos


Local yards buzzing with return of 13-year cicadas
Periodic cicadas, which were last seen en masse around the Shoals in 1998, are emerging from the soil in huge numbers, prompting many calls to Becker, a regional agent for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. His office is based in Florence. ... read more

Hearsay: The bee man comes to the rescue, and the cicadas are buzzing
News from 13-Year Cicada Central! “It's like being in a sci-fi movie!” Hearsayer Cynthia of Abbeville opined on May 3. “I was outside with my dog, PJ, and the noise was like we were getting attacked. You could hear them crawling around. ... read more

On Gardening: What's all the buzz? 13-year cicadas
Thirteen-year periodical cicadas. I consider myself a bug guy (I have quart collecting jars to prove it), but I have never witnessed the 13-year periodical cicadas that I can remember. I was in college 13 years ago, in 1998, so I missed or didn't ... read more


Screaming Cicadas
The red eyed Cicada emerges en
Cicadas are mainly
this was an Apache cicada.
cicada killer
2004: Seventeen Year Cicadas
Northern Greengrocer Cicada
Dog-day Cicada

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