Tuesday, May 10, 2011

cicadas - photos


After 13 years, cicadas sing
Millions of periodical cicadas started emerging from the ground in Middle Tennessee this weekend, littering upright structures with shells of their former selves to begin one of the largest mating rituals known to ... read more

Cicadas ready to buzz after 13 years underground
This 13-year cicada emerged from the ground Monday in East Nashville. / Karen-Lee Ryan / The Tennessean Ouchless: Cicadas don't sting or bite, but their mouth can probe the skin enough to feel, which generally occurs if they are held long enough. ... read more

Cicadas are back after 13-year hiatus
Cicada exoskeletons cling to a tree in Bibb County, Ga., April 25, 2011. (Jason Vorhees - AP) The creepy, flying, buzzing swarm is back. After crawling up tree trunks in nymph form, they'll wriggle out of their shells, start to fly, ... read more


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The Summer of Singing Cicadas
2004: Seventeen Year Cicadas
cicada killer
Cicadas have large compound
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Cicadas naturally climb

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