Thursday, May 5, 2011

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Crude, Gasoline, Heating Oil Tumble on Economy: Oil Products
Crude oil, gasoline, and heating oil fell at least 6.8 percent, with crude sinking below $100 as commodities plunged the most since 2009. The declines came after US jobless claims climbed, ... read more

GLOBAL MARKETS-Oil, stocks plunge on global growth worries
US crude oil prices plunged nearly 6 percent and a benchmark index of world stocks lost around 0.7 percent as reports showed weekly US jobless claims jumped to an eight-month high after the country's productivity growth slowed in the first quarter. ... read more

Sunoco 1Q Loss Widens On Operational Issues
Sunoco Inc.'s (SUN) first-quarter loss widened far more than expected amid escalating crude oil costs and significant outages at its refineries, earning the fuel maker the distinction of being the only major refiner ... read more


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Crude oil. London.
Light Sweet Crude Oil
Oil ascends after
Crude oil prices ended flat on
Crude Oil Rally- Which Sectors

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