Friday, May 6, 2011

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Fire-walkers' hearts beat in sync with spectators
A fire-walker's heart rate appears to match the rhythm of his relatives and close friends on hand to watch the offbeat event, a new study finds. The annual fire-walking ceremony in San Pedro Manrique, Spain, provided an odd backdrop for a unique ... read more

New Purple Heart stamp unveiled in San Diego
Ronald Stroman (left), the deputy postmaster general, and Clayton Jones, commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart unveil the new Purple Heart stamp Thursday. / Photo by Earnie Grafton, UT Carroll Sweet didn't exactly get a ... read more

New Device to Support Blood Circulation for Heart Patients Shows Improved ...
These devices decrease the heart's workload and increase blood pressure by assisting the heart to pump blood, and are generally used in critical situations, such as after a heart attack. For many years physicians have used intraaortic balloon pumps to ... read more


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