Tuesday, May 3, 2011

jimmy page - photos


Bonham releasing 'Zepesque' track
By Darryl Sterdan ,QMI Agency The drummer says one song on the upcoming CD from his band Black Country Communion dates back to his 2008 rehearsals with Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones. "There's a song that started off as an ... read more

The Short-But-Sweet Interview: Lez Zeppelin
With tour dates booked for the summer (check out a listing here), Lez Zep's guitarist/Jimmy Page aficionado, Steph Paynes, agreed to a Short-But-Sweet Interview. STEPH PAYNES: As heavy as Le(a)d, of course! Although, I think when one is talking about ... read more

Yardbirds Guitarist Chris Dreja to Display Historical Photographs at ZepFest ...
WASHINGTON, DC- Dreja's classic historical art focuses on legendary portraits of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, including the back portrait from Led Zeppelin 1. One photograph, featuring Jimmy, has been autographed by both Chris and Jimmy for the ... read more


Guitarist Jimmy Page
Happy Birthday Jimmy Page
jimmy page
Page played a cameo role in
Jimmy Pages pictures
Jimmy page 21 tone chart.
Jimmy Page Biography
Jimmy_Page.jpg Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page, the
Jimmy Page - Led Zeppelin

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