Monday, May 30, 2011

kyoto - photos


Miners seize on G8 loss of support for Kyoto protocol
AUSTRALIA'S mining industry has seized on the refusal of three major economies to sign up to a new round of Kyoto Protocol emissions cuts. Russia, Japan and Canada confirmed at the weekend G8 meeting in Deauville, France, that they would not join a ... read more

Brazil, SA, India and China want Kyoto Protocol extended
As Ministers of the Brazil, South Africa, India, China (Basic) grouping met to firm their position before further global climate change negotiating sessions, they reiterated that a second commitment period to the Kyoto Protocol was central to a ... read more

Masdar Carbon-GASCO CDM project in Abu Dhabi registered under UN Kyoto Protocol
Located at the Asab and Bab gas processing plants in Abu Dhabi, the energy efficiency project has become the fifth CDM project in the UAE to be registered under the Kyoto Protocol. This is also the first ADNOC Group Companyregistered project and the ... read more


Kyoto - Golden Pavilion
Kyoto, Japan
Holy Kyoto
Garden Staircase, Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto was Japans capital and
Kyoto wallpapers
Kyoto Protocol

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