Sunday, May 29, 2011

mojito recipe - photos


Grilled Mojito Pork Chops for Memorial Day
Digging through the freezer for something to toss on the grill, I came out with pork chops, and remembered seing a recipe for them, grilled after spending some time in a mojito marinade. With all the mint in the back yard and the arrival of spring ... read more

Throwing a Party? Unique Recipes for Your Memorial Day Menu
Nothing says summer like an ice-cold mojito. Sarel suggests adding some blueberries for a little extra sweetness as well as patriotic flair! For 1 gallon of blueberry mojtos, take a ½ pint of pureed blueberries and add 1 quart of Bacardi rum. ... read more

Recipes for success
Earls rounds out its Sips menu with pitchers of sangria, more classics such as the mojito and Moscow Mule and a selection of martinis. Now all Earls needs is flowers on their patios and a dose of summer weather to get the mai tais flowing, even without ... read more


Photo: Mojito Recipe
mojito recipe
Authentic Cuban Mojito Recipe
Mojito Recipe. O M G..
Make this recipe yours
Mojito recipe
mojito recipe
The Mojito cocktail recipe
Herradura Mango Mojito recipe
Its also one of those recipes

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