Friday, May 13, 2011

morganza spillway - photos


Rising Mississippi River takes aim at Delta region
All eyes were on Louisiana's Morganza Spillway on Friday as the Army Corps of Engineers considered whether to open the floodway to relieve pressure on levees downstream to control flooding in more populated areas like Baton Rouge and New Orleans. ... read more

Corps Of Engineers: No Decision On Morganza Opening
The Army Corps of Engineers said Friday that no decision has been made yet on whether to open the Morganza spillway and alleviate pressure the rising Mississippi River is placing on levees around Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The corps said Mississippi ... read more

Cajun country preps for impending flood
A school bus along with other vehicles cross the Morganza Spillway Thursday, May 12, 2011, in Morganza. (Photo by Brad Kemp/ When Morganza is opened, it will take one to two days for the water to reach Krotz Springs in St. ... read more


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