Saturday, May 21, 2011

new zealand earthquake - photos


No sign of devastating earthquakes in New Zealand, elsewhere, as people react ...
As New Zealand and other areas in the Pacific Ocean passed the May 21, 6 pm local time unscathed, despite predictions by Harold Camping that the hour would signal the beginning of the end of the world, many seemed to breathe a public sigh of relief ... read more

Could an earthquake really end the world Saturday?
According to Harold Camping, the Oakland minister who's predicting the end of the world Saturday, a great earthquake will first shake New Zealand, triggering an apocalypse that rolls relentlessly toward the USA, reaching San ... read more

New Zealand first to get Earthquake, says Camping
Rolling earthquakes would sweep across the earth, first starting in New Zealand at 6pm local time there. From there, earthquakes will roll across the world, occurring at 6pm local time until they finally reach Los Angeles -- at which point there is ... read more


New Zealand earthquake,
From the New Zealand Herald,
New Zealand earthquake
New Zealand earthquake
New Zealand Earthquake Videos
New Zealand earthquake
New Zealand Earthquake -
New Zealand Earthquake
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