Monday, May 30, 2011

potato salad - photos


The Perfect Potato Salad Recipe
My mother-in-law hates hard boiled eggs in her potato salad. I like them. My significant other always wants to put pickles in there. Uh? Pickles? Obviously, everyone has their own idea of what the perfect potato salad recipe should consist of, ... read more

The Ultimate Potato Salad Recipe
With Memorial Day here I want to repost my Ultimate Potato Salad recipe. This potato salad recipe has been tweaked over the year and has aspects from multiple recipe's I have encountered. The largest influence being my ... read more

Patch Recipes: Potato Salad
Well, if you do bring something, tell them you're bringing the potato salad. If you make the recipe, you'll have enough for a family for two nights, but you can easily double it (half for a party, half for dinners). Soak celery seed in vinegar for 30 ... read more


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