Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Sony PlayStation Network Down: PSN Update 3.61 Online for PS3 Users
After weeks of waiting for some good news in the Sony PlayStation Network down situation, there's finally a PSN update available for PS3 users. That update means a system update for all PS3 owners which is critical before service officially is restored ... read more

PSN Update: Service Expected By May 31
Anonymous originally took credit for their “OpSony” which was aimed at attacking Sony's corporate websites in retaliation for Sony's actions against PS3 hacker George “GeoHotz” Hotz, but they say is entirely unrelated to the PSN data breach and outage. ... read more

PSN Update 4: Network Not Up Until May 31st and new Xbox 360 Counter Update
The PSN Network won't be up until the end of the month now. Sony is planning to have the system back online by May 31 st . It had hoped to have at least partial service restored by the end of this week. Gamers will now be wondering if ... read more


PS3 2.50 Firmware Update
The best part of this update,
Rehaul Of PSN Store Coming
Playstation Store Update
PSN Update
Dec 07, 2010 � PS3 update
Playstation Network NA Update
PS3 Update Extractor v1.12,
The biggest update added was a

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