Thursday, May 5, 2011

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Everyone drops, everyone fights: Section 8: Prejudice on PC
Section 8: Prejudice fights this trend by giving every player the ability to run double-speed across the map by holding down the sprint button for a few seconds, until the view goes to third-person and you bolt across the map. This is a $15 game, ... read more

Section 8: Prejudice review -- an outstanding, unique fragfest
TimeGate Studios' Section 8: Prejudice (released May 4th) is an outstanding follow up to the original game and well worth a spot on your roster of favorite multiplayer FPS (first person shooter) games. Best of all, it's only $15. Section 8: Prejudice ... read more

Section 8: Domestic Issues and Social Policy
(For more on views of business, see Section 2: Value Divides Within Party Coalitions.) The reverse is true for Post-Moderns, who, along with Libertarians, are one of only two groups who have a predominantly positive view of Wall Street's impact. ... read more


Announces Section 8
Madness Sale (Section.
Thats where Section 8 picks
Section 8 Beta Sign-Ups
Section 8 Wallpaper
Oddly enough, Section 8 is
Section 8

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