Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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Lulzsec Hackers Go to War with 4chan
Adrian Chen —The celebrity hacking group Lulz Security borrows its name and aesthetics from the roiling message board 4chan. But now the group has declared war on 4chan and its users—many of whom identify with the hacking group Anonymous—pissing off ... read more

4Chan, LulzSec Bicker Over Gaming Targets
Defenders of Wikileaks and all around decent chaps Anonymous and new lulzists on the block LulzSec have begun trading barbs- apparently after some 4Chan users got pissy with LulzSec's habit of downing gaming services like MMPORG EVE Online. ... read more

Union Square Ventures Leads $3M Round In 4chan Founder Moot's New Startup Canvas
Canvas, which launched in beta in January and is still invite-only, is similar to 4chan in some ways, except that content is archived, and people create accounts. Users can still stay anonymous, with communities and interactions built around sharing ... read more


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website 4chan for hosting
kind 4chan (funny pics,
4chan | Trends Pics
4chan? Full of normal people
4chan fox news
:4chan, match, water
4chan Planning Cruel Hoax on
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