Saturday, June 11, 2011

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Anthony Weiner And Amy Smart Should Do Crank 3 Sex Scene
One idea is to replace actor Jason Statham in a third installment of the Crank movie series, where Statham plays a man who's heart needs constant adrenaline stimulation, including public sex with Amy Smart. Imagine Congressman Weiner, every bit as fit ... read more

Ali Larter & Teddy: Runyon Canyon Hikers
The Heroes actress brought along gal pal Amy Smart for the day out too. Ali once told OK! magazine how she wished someone had told her how hard it would be to leave a newborn. She said, "Never leave your baby. Like most mothers in this country, ... read more

Amy Smart's Kidnapper to Be Sentenced: Will He Get Life in Prison?
by SodaHead News Posted May 25, 2011 21:00:59 (just now) Brian David Mitchell, the man convicted of kidnapping and raping 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart in 2002, will be sentenced on Wednesday. According to Radar Online, this will be the first time that ... read more


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