Tuesday, June 14, 2011

atlantic city - photos


Atlantic City Gamblers Take Casino to the Cleaners
More Atlantic City casinos are promoting sex and racy imagery to stay lucrative in the face of growing competition from casinos in neighboring states. Dennis Gomes, the owner of Restorts Atlantic City, started the trend of "sex sells" with skimpy ... read more

Macau: The Atlantic City of China?
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Macau is called many things, among them the "Sin City of Asia" and the "Monte Carlo of the Orient." But the "Atlantic City of China" is not a phrase usually associated with the ... read more

Atlantic City Mayor Langford failed to report $60000 in campaign contributions
Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford conducts the swearing-in ceremony in city council chambers, Tuesday May 3, 2011, that reinstated 28 laid-off firefighters. Thirty firefighters along with 60 police officers were cut from the payroll last year in an ... read more


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