Saturday, June 18, 2011

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Dentists treat miles of smiles
O'Bryan , a 35-year-old Columbus resident , hadn't visited a dentist in 20 years, and a wisdom tooth had been bothering her for 10 of them. The corporate-cafeteria worker, lacking dental insurance , went without help until yesterday. ... read more

Dentists want insurers to pay for anesthesia for patients with special needs
That's why Pennsylvania dentists want a state mandate to require health insurers to pay for general anesthesia for patients with mental disabilities that prevent them from tolerating dental work while awake. It would apply to all children 7 or younger, ... read more

US Dentists' Amalgam Use Surprises Researchers
June 17, 2011 — Despite improvements in resin-based composite technology, US dentists are placing more amalgam restorations than composites, and amalgam is still emphasized by US dental schools, according to the results of 2 studies published in the ... read more


Dentist West Palm Beach
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