Thursday, June 9, 2011

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Dr. Oz talks NBA Finals, high school football, Zen
Dr. Mehmet Oz, the cardiothoracic surgeon and TV host, stopped by ESPN's offices in Bristol, Conn., on Thursday to talk about the NBA Finals, his new book -- "You: The Owner's Manual for Teens" -- and about empowering people to get in ... read more

Dr. Oz Recommends Sea Buckthorn as a Weight Loss "Superfood"- Dieters Amazed ...
Dr. Oz, one of the most respected weight loss authorities in the media today, has recently come out and recommended a product that has been getting a lot of attention in the weight loss community over the last several months. The product is called Sea ... read more

Dr Oz Promotes Glucomannan to Lose Weight and Live Longer!
Today on the Dr Oz Show, Dr. Oz showcased a guy named Jay who needed to lose weight so he could live longer, and one of the secret weapons Doctor Oz gave him was a supplement called Glucomannan, or Konjac Root Fiber. Today's show also featured some ... read more


Dr. Oz is vice-chair and
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Dr. Oz Diagnosed with Colon
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Dr. Mehmet Oz, talk show host
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