Saturday, June 18, 2011

golf courses - photos


Barack Obama and John Boehner go head to head on the golf course
Mr Boehner, from humble beginnings in Ohio, is said to have a taste for the finer golf courses the Washington area has to offer. The high powered presidential foursome will be rounded off by Vice President Joe Biden, who plays off a 6.3 handicap, ... read more

Tiger-Like U.S. Open Seen From Rory McIlroy as Woods Sits Injured at Home
When Woods began to dominate golf in the early 2000s, tournament organizers lengthened holes, narrowed fairways and made putting surfaces faster. The changes became known as “Tiger-proofing” golf courses. After watching what McIlroy has done over the ... read more

Charity endeavor: Four golfers will play four courses in four states in one day
Cancer, a foresome of golfers – including two from Spokane Valley – will attempt to play nine holes at four different golf courses in four different states on the same day. The ambitious venture is the brainchild of Bruce Robinson, who read several ... read more


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