Thursday, June 9, 2011

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Guitar Chords: Google Logo is Guitar Tuner in Honor of Les Paul
The Google homepage logo this morning doesn't look much like the word "Google," but no matter. The Google Doodle today is a stylized guitar in honor of Les Paul, the legendary musician who would have turned 96 today. And it's playable. ... read more

5 things you need to know happening in Florida on Thursday, June 9
Where the second "g" in the Google logo should be there is a button you can press to record your music. After recording your song you can share it to your so they can hear your masterpiece or even play a duet with you. read more

Google Honors Richard Scarry with a Doodle
The Google Doodle features a scene from Scarry'sBusytown, and famous characters that include Sergeant Murphy and Huckle Cat can be spotted. When you click through to Google's search engine results pages, the Google logo in the top-left presents Lowly ... read more


Googles logo font is called
Google: Topeka Google Logo
Google Logo Award Nominees for
Google New Logo
Google logos Sean has made
Google logo
Google logo;
Google Logo Hidden Trick
Google Art Logos by Jenny

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