Monday, June 6, 2011

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Researchers capture elusive antimatter
The feat marks a major leap forward from the fraction of a second that antimatter was previously captured at the world's largest particle physics lab, at CERN -the European Organization for Nuclear Research. "The whole point of this project is to try ... read more

Rosalyn Yalow dies at 89; Nobel winner helped revolutionize medical diagnostics
The Nobel committee described their work as "a spectacular combination of immunology, isotope research, mathematics and physics." RIA proved to be so sensitive that it could detect insulin in amounts as small as 10 picograms (10 thousand-billionths of ... read more

Science ups the 'anti' on matter
The researchers tell Nature Physics journal that they can now probe the properties of antimatter in detail. This will help them understand why the Universe is composed of normal matter rather than its opposite. The laws of physics appear to make no ... read more


World of Physics
of physics demonstrations
2009 JHU Physics \x26amp; Astronomy
MommyLand Physics: Are We
Physics Formula T-shirt
Math vs Physics
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