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HBO defends 'Game of Thrones' shocker
“The only reason we watched [Game of Thrones] was for Sean Bean,” groused EW reader Steve. “Way to go HBO, time to switch to Showtime.” That's a pretty common reaction among some viewers after watching Sunday's episode of HBO's fantasy ... read more

It's like watching a novel
For the uninitiated, the tale's nominal hero, Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark, played with a world-weary heaviness by UK stage actor Sean Bean, has been betrayed and lies shackled in a dank dungeon, heartbroken by the knowledge that his friends have been ... read more

Why do sex scenes make Age of Heroes star Sean Bean blush?
He was a trainee welder for his father who, having made 'brass' with his foundry business, drove young Sean to work in his Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. 'Acting wasn't an option in Sheffield,' Bean explains. 'It was steelworks, learning a trade. ... read more


The Compleat Sean Bean
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British Actor Sean Bean
Sean Bean
Sean Bean Nude Pictures
Sean Bean Ends Fourth Marriage
Sean Bean AKA Shaun Mark Bean
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Sean Beans welding break
Sean Bean

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