Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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How dare you set up a new university!?
In fact it's a proposed new London-based university, called the New College of the Humanities, which says it will teach students the best of literature, culture and history for a fee of £18000 a year. And yet judging from the unhinged coverage, ... read more

Uni's gas bonanza
CHARLES Darwin University is to train Territorians to compete for the big-paying jobs in the gas industry. Vice-chancellor Barney Glover signed an agreement to this end with Robert Gordon University (RGU) during a fact-finding mission to Aberdeen. ... read more

Sino-foreign uni degrees under greater scrutiny
University degrees obtained through an education program jointly run by a Chinese university and its foreign counterpart will have to pass an online verification after September, the Ministry of Education said in a statement Thursday. ... read more


U-N-I | Free Music, Tour Dates
U-N-I. Format: Take me back,
In the U-N-I-verse,
Uni (sea urchin)
Uni Sushi
Nevertheless, the LA dou U-N-I
september Uni+images
uni \x3d sea eggs Notes:
Events at the University
Fachada UNI

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