Thursday, June 2, 2011

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USDA ditches food pyramid for new design
(CBS) After almost two decades, the USDA food pyramid is history. First Lady Michelle Obama today unveiled the USDA's update on America's visual nutrition guide, replacing the familiar - and much maligned - pyramid with a plate. ... read more

National Homeownership Month
Since the start of the current fiscal year, which began last October 1, USDA Rural Development has financed approximately 80000 home loans for rural residents. In Missouri, during the last fiscal year, 6200 individuals and/or families benefited with ... read more

PMA Applauds USDA Easy to Understand Healthy Eating Graphic
USDA has also shown consumers the importance of healthy and cost-effective nutrition by placing fruits and vegetables over half of the plate. With a central focus on fruits and vegetables, USDA and health experts in nutrition are recognizing the need ... read more


The United States Department
USDA Sued over Deceptive
USDA Rural Development has
USDA Grants
USDA Still Plagued By Civil
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Maps
USDA Certified Organically
USDA White Girl
8561: USDA-Approved Bias.

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