Friday, October 7, 2011

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AT&T reels under the crush of iPhone 4S pre-orders
AT&T, you failed again. Goodnight." Eric ("gameric") Gamero, who posted that message on Twitter at about 3:15 am PST Friday, was hardly alone. In the early hours after Apple (AAPL) began taking pre-orders for its latest iPhone, due out next Friday, ... read more

The Danger of an AT&T and T-Mobile Merger
While the AT&T and T-Mobile merger hasn't come through yet, it is currently a huge topic in the wireless telecommunications market. Such a merger would be detrimental, as wireless phone services are a commodity ... read more

T-Mobile Client Losses Seen Tripling on AT&T Deal Review: Tech
Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- T-Mobile USA, the wireless company AT&T Inc. is trying to acquire, may lose three times the number of contract subscribers this year as in 2010 as the US Justice Department's attempt to stop the ... read more


AT\x26amp;T: 4G Network Rollout
See all AT\x26amp;T products
of AT\x26amp;Ts technicians,
AT\x26amp;T has announced that they
Notice AT\x26amp;Ts font also
AT\x26amp;T Says T-Mobile 3G Phones
att 8900
take ATTs iPhone share
AT\x26amp;T Trying to Keep iPhone

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