Friday, October 28, 2011

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Thriving Berkman marvels at Series' drama
LOUIS -- Lance Berkman called Thursday's the greatest game he had ever played in. And it would be hard to argue otherwise. From a personal standpoint, Berkman went 3-for-5 with a two-run homer, drove in three runs and scored four, getting key hit after ... read more

Lance Berkman will bat cleanup as Cardinals try to beat Rangers' walk- Pujols ...
The Rangers will face right fielder Lance Berkman rather than left fielder Matt Holliday immediately behind Pujols on Thursday night. Berkman is hitting .389 for the Series while Holliday is hitting .167 and still seeks his first RBI. ... read more

World Series Play-by-Play, Game 6
Schumaker singled to center. Pujols flied out right fielder Cruz. Berkman homered to left-center on the first pitch, Schumaker scored. Holliday walked. Freese struck out swinging. Rangers Second: Napoli walked. Gentry singled to left, Napoli to second. ... read more


MLB baller Lance Berkman
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