Thursday, October 27, 2011

blackbeard - photos


U.S researchers raise cannon from Blackbeard's ship
Video screenshot of a cannon retrieved from Blackbeard's notorious pirate ship ''Queen Anne's Revenge'', which was shipwrecked nearly 300 years ago off the coast of North Carolina. By Jim Brumm WILMINGTON, North Carolina (Reuters) - Archaeologists ... read more

Blackbeard's Cannon Recovered From Ocean
Florida girl was pulled from a lake after a car accident that killed her father. read more

Two more rescues in Turkey...Car bombs kill 5 in Iraq...Blackbeard's cannon ...
... been under water for nearly 300 years will be brought to shore. The one-ton cannon from the wreck of Blackbeard's ship Queen Anne's Revenge will go on display at the state Maritime Museum in Beaufort before it's taken to a laboratory for further study. read more


Blackbeard - Wikipedia
Blackbeard (c. 1736 engraving)
BlackBeard Boarding Ship
Blackbeard (Click for full
The Story of Blackbeard the
weeks Blackbeard bought a

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