Wednesday, October 5, 2011

east river - photos


NYC copter pilot lost "dear friend" in crash
NEW YORK - The man at the helm of a private helicopter that crashed into the East River on Tuesday, killing one passenger and injuring three others, was an experienced commercial pilot who owns a company that manages a local airport. ... read more

Rescue after helicopter crashes into East River
Rescue workers moved fast to pull a reported five victims of a helicopter crash in New York City's East River. (Oct. 4) (/CBS News) Correction: Clarification: SuperFan badge holders consistently post smart, timely comments about Washington area sports ... read more

Raw Video: Chopper Down in NYC's East River
The NYPD says a helicopter with five people aboard has crashed into the East River. The pilot and three others were pulled from the water shortly after it went down by rescue crews. Authorities are searching for one other person. (Oct. 4) NJ Gov. ... read more


Floating on the East River of
The East River Spirit
bring the East River Ferry
File:East River 59 jeh.JPG
East river, with the Brooklyn
East River Housing from
(along the East River) to
four East River Bridges

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