Saturday, October 22, 2011

easter island - photos


A heart of stones
For Bellinda Kontominas, the spirit of Easter Island is reflected in the remarkable faces of its moai. It takes some time to notice but after a while there is no mistaking it: all the stone statues on the platform before me have markedly different ... read more

From The Beacon: Books to get at the heart of mysteries
Enjoy the following books and DVDs: "The Ancient Mystery of Easter Island" by John Albert Torres; "Mysteries of Mankind" by George Stuart; "Blind Prophets of Easter Island" (DVD); "Destination Travel Guide: Chile and Easter Island" (DVD). ... read more

PopFest: Easter Island, Gift Horse lead third evening at Caledonia
The shows continue: on the third night of PopFest at Caledonia, a series of bands, both local and national, came to the stage and stated their case: why they were great, why they should break-out. ... read more


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