Monday, October 17, 2011

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Giuliana Rancic Has Breast Cancer
Guiliana Rancic revealed today that she has breast cancer, after doctors discovered a tumor during her latest round of in-vitro fertilization. “It's been a shock,” the 36-year-old E! News and Style Network host said in an emotional interview with the ... read more

Should West Chester be a city?
10:38 am NEW YORK — "E! News" co-host Giuliana Rancic says she has early stages of breast cancer.- 11:17 am Wanted to make sure you saw my Sunday story about former DJ Jim LaBarbara and his new autobiography. It's filled with great stories about the ... read more

Giuliana Rancic Fighting Breast Cancer
Giuliana's prognosis is good because the cancer was detected early, she explained, and she learned the news after a mammogram while undergoing a round of IVF - she and husband Bill Rancic have been very open about their efforts to have a baby. ... read more


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